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In 2019 our plan is to leave the warm tropical waters of the Caribbean and sail North to Greenland and Iceland in the summer. Before we freeze our little toes off we’ll finish our North Atlantic crossing by running south to the United Kingdom and down into the Mediterranean before it gets too cold.

This is a MAJOR shift for us and our little boat, and requires many upgrades, and modifications, to the boat and our gear.



It has been said that you cannot know where you are going, until you know where you came from.

In a practical sense, we understand this to be navigating. It is more than simply knowing exactly where you are in the world. That is a good start, but unless you know where you were a few minutes, hours or days ago, you cannot determine your course, and therefore cannot know where it is you are going. The GPS chart plotter found on many boats exemplifies this—at any given time, a half dozen or more satellites are telling you exactly where on the earth you are. This position is saved and referenced to render a predictive path on screen. By adjusting your current position, you can alter the forecasted destination. 

Rather than fretting about the future, we wallow in the progress of today.

In life, we often fester on concerns of tomorrow, next week, a 5 year plan or future retirement. But perhaps the best way to forecast our future, is to take an honest look into our past and aline that with a conscientious reflection of today. By connecting these theoretical dots, a future projection can be attained. This mechanism then prioritizes the journey itself—shifting our consciousness from the future, to the present. Earnest Hemingway once put it, “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end."

Or as we like to put it, “we’re in no hurry to go anywhere, ever.” This however, doesn’t mean we lack motivation or plans. In fact the opposite is closer to the truth. We don’t see stopping this lifestyle anytime soon. We love what we do and only wish to do it more. The one certainty in our lives is that our futures are uncertain. We have dreams, goals, destinations and planned routes, but we know they will undoubtedly change as quickly as shifts in the wind—leaving us no option but to adjust accordingly. So rather than fretting about the future, we wallow in the progress of today.

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