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Uma Angels

Every Uma Angel now gets instant access to The Vault—where we hide our most valuable treasures like behind the scenes clips, live tracking, and much more.

The ability to share our odyssey is made possible by people just like you.  You enjoy the videos we make and want to say "thanks", or perhaps you want more access to what goes on behind the cameras, and want to see us succeed and continue to explore our world and share our experiences. 

Join The Family, become a vital part of our adventure, and leave your footprints in the sand of our lives—because none of this would be possible without Angels like you.

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Life's a beach. Your footprints, (your pledge) is a small way of showing you care. In return, we promise your questions will always be answered, you'll be up-to-date on our plans, and much more! You'll be part of our family. 


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If facebook and kickstarter made a baby, it would be called Patreon. The short video below does a pretty good job explaining it. 

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If the longterm commitment of Patreon doesn’t sound right for you, but you would still like to join The Family, you can make a onetime donation too and still get instant access to The Vault

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We're proud to work with such an amazing family of companies. We strive to partner with only the best and believe the following companies represent exactly that. 

According to Kika, "you can never have too many bikinis on a sailboat." A theory she is well on her way to proving with the recent addition of some stylish suits from A2 Swimwear. They offers a complete line of bold yet functional neoprene suits to compliment any collection. They are superbly designed and exceptionally crafted. See their complete line at

Save 15% when you use the code "A2UMA" at checkout.

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During our relentless pursuit of living fossil fuel free, we searched high and low for an alternative cooking solution. As a result we have partnered with the new and quickly growing company GoSun. They've managed to take the principle practiced by naughty children of burning ants with a magnifying glass, and harnessed it  into a modern solar oven that cooks in much lass time than its bulky predecessors. Utilizing a parabolic reflector, this unique cooking contraptions makes cooking with sun fast and fun. If you would like to order your own or learn more about this fantastic contraptions, visit their website at

Save $25 on your next GoSun stove when you use the promo-code: "SailingUma"  

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Tony was one of our first Patrons. So, when he offered to bring us down to Cozumel, MX and teach us how to Scuba Dive and Free Dive, we felt like we won the lottery. He runs a top of the line dive shop in one of the best dive locations in the world. He taught us skills we will use for the rest of our lives. Check out his website for more information on his operation or to book a dive trip of your own. 

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We chose a ROCNA as our main anchor for several reasons. The first being the simple fact that the new generation "spade" anchors attain superior performance across a variety of bottom types than their predecessor "plow" type anchor. They dig in and hold strong. We sleep much better at night knowing our boat is securely attached to the ground wherever we drop the hook. The second reason we chose a ROCNA is because of its design simplicity. It's built like a tank and just works. Find out more at

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After spending far too much time learning about solar charge controllers, we narrowed our choice down to just one, the MidNite KID. It's one of the few solar charge controller actually designed for the marine environment. It is also easy to instal and program and very efficient at capturing every drop of sunlight that hits your panels from sunrise to sunset....literally. Visit their website for details on all their charging systems and accessories. 

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Surviving a hurricane on anchor is all about keeping your boat from washing up on the beach, or worse, a reef. So when it comes to choosing the right anchor for survival, the bigger the better! The problem is, on a smaller boat like ours, storage comes at a premium. When we found Mantus, it was a perfect match. Their modern spade design provides superior holding and the whole thing bolts together in three pieces making it very easy to maneuver and store. Visit their website to learn more. 

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There seems to be an endless bombardment of new and conflicting information about solar panels, chargers and set ups. In all this chaos, it's always nice to find an expert you can trust. Steven, the owner of Solar Marine Supply in Stuart, FL helped us install our solar set up. His no BS attitude towards it all made us feel at ease. If you have any question about setting up solar on your boat, RV, golf cart or house, check out his website at

Our Family

Our Family

Tony Anschutz

January 10, 2017 

ScubaTony here. Had my own small sailboat and lived on it for 2 years on and off. Ex Cop, ex scuba instructor and biz owner in Mexico. Now I travel all over and dream of the day I can get back on the water full time. Dreams of solo sailing around the planet are strong in my mind. Dan and Kika are showing a great story of passion and fun. We only have one life to live and they are spending their time wisely. Living outside the box is something more of us should consider. I also love the tiny footprint. Live simply so others can simply live. I am happy to support people that can inspire others. Well done guys! Well done indeed.

It was a pleasure having you guys in Cozumel and showing you the world below the water! You certainly are getting to know it above the water too. 

Kia Gardner

December 28, 2016 

Hi, I'm Kia, a 50 yr. old textile designer living in NYC. I became a Sailing Uma Patron as soon as Kika & Dan stole my sailing heart with the first step! What is magical for me about the adventures of Kika & Dan is, quite simply, Kika & Dan. I mean, anybody can sail a boat and make a video, but Kika & Dan are like no other! Their great energy, adorable personalities and wide open attitude about all of the great things waiting for them out there in this big wonderful world is so refreshing and fun to watch. I love being in the family and am very grateful to be a part of their journey. One day soon when I'm living life on the high seas for good, I'm going to meet up with Uma and help install those missing lifelines! ; ) 

Patrick Tremblay

December 23, 2016 

I'm a 49 year old French Canadian with a dream of early retirement. The reason I became a patron is because I fell in love with your story, your ideas, your plan and frankly, the both of you seem like such awesome people. From the start, I was completely blown away by the quality of your videos but also the way you were telling your story. I can only wish I had the same story telling talent. As for my dream and plan, it is not at all that different than yours. If the plan holds, I'm retiring in January 2017, and sailing down south on my sailboat. What the future hold I do not know but I'm sure it will be filled with adventure just like yours! Cheers! 


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Here you can write whatever you like. Who you are. Where you live. What you do. Why you became a Patron. What you like about our videos or adventures. Why you support us. Your dreams, goals and aspirations. Really it is up to you. But try to keep it short, so there is room for others. 

If you are a Patron and would like to add your comments here, please send us a message on Patreon and we will make it happen. 

Dan + Kika

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