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In today’s economy, people believe it’s more important than ever to be socially responsible. Haiti Sailing Cup is proud to host annual sailing competitions within small fishermen villages in an effort to improve the lives of the fishermen
— Patrick Beliard (HSC Founder)

For centuries, the Haitian fishermen have been building wooden sailboats to go fish and provide for their families and villages. They decorate them with bright colours, and often salvage, and use whatever they can find to create sails. In 2014, The Haiti Sailing Cup was founded by Patrick Beliard,(a local from Cap-Haitian) with the main mission to collaborate with small communities and boost the local economy, We believe this project has so much potential to make a huge impact on the Haitian community, and it is up to us to help make a difference, keeping this sailing tradition alive, and the reefs healthy. In 2018, we were more than proud to be part of this event by sponsoring our very own team. We were only able to reach this amazing goal thanks to more than 200 of our Sailing Uma followers contributing from all over the globe. This year, we are aiming to get more boats, more sails and more fishermen out on the water.

TEAM UMA members get to be directly involved in their success by helping provide new sails and outboards to the teams.

To know more about the HSC, visit their website:

As a Haitian Sailor myself, This project is very dear to my heart, and I strongly believe it is the long term commitment that truly makes a difference.
— Capt. Kika


Support your team by purchasing some exclusive Team merch. 100% of the profit goes directly into the necessary maintenance of the sailboats and sails.

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2019 Team Members


  2. sv UMA

  3. sv DELOS

  4. Mitch Graddon

  5. Tom Green

  6. Daniel Kemmer

  7. Clayton Vagnini

  8. George Robertson III

  9. Patrick Rucker

  10. Michael Hagen

  11. Erman Burke

  12. Bill Wilson

  13. Robert Glenz

  14. Douglas Berry

  15. jeffery hood

  16. Quentin Venney

  17. Rebecca Riddle

  18. Wayne Schoenbauer

  19. Tom Weinstein

  20. Joseph Whipple

  21. David H Johnson

  22. Scott Jones

  23. Robert Keysselitz

  24. Giso Kegel

  25. Stevo Duncan

  26. Jordi Witasik González

  27. Patrick Kelly

  28. Harvey Malcolm

  29. Andrew Course

  30. Matthew Evans-Koch

  31. james Koopman

  32. Rick giannini

  33. jason dawson

  34. Ralph Lange

  35. Jonas Didzoleit

  36. Kevin Kelley

  37. Harold Steed

  38. Craig Taylor

  39. Shari Richardson

  40. Bretina Reeves

  41. Andru Davies

  42. Douglas Furniss

  43. Jeffrey Griglack

  44. Mitch Eaton

  45. Adam Pearce

  46. Jeffrey Randall

  47. Chris Fedde

  48. Mark Donaldson

  49. Donald Fortney

  50. Werner Baderschneider

  51. Franz-Josef Vogt

  52. Rob Woods

  53. Fred Gallefoss

  54. John Buhrmann

  55. W.Juergen Hardt

  56. John Garrod

  57. Scott Heckler

  58. Michael A Gonzalez

  59. Greg Guthman

  60. Charles Lambert

  61. David Ladewig

  62. Mark Newton

  63. mike Potts

  64. Eric Harper

  65. Steven Ashmore

  66. Stephen Mullins

  67. Gary Ijams


  69. Gary Tippett

  70. Jeroen Soeurt

  71. Diego Pettenella

  72. Chip Starkey



  75. Ulrik Friis

  76. Roland den Hartog

  77. Dan O'Hare

  78. Peter De Boos

  79. Stevo Duncan

  80. David H Johnson

  81. TTK

  82. BART

  83. Jay Grueneich

  84. Sail Nelson BC Canada

  85. sheri & Hawkeye Pierce

  86. Jeremy Scharlack

  87. Ann & Bruce MacNeil

  88. Charlotte Merritt

  89. Juan P. Mejia

  90. Luke Hayman

  91. Matthew Burruss

  92. Michael Gorwits

  93. HGM

  94. Stephen H.

  95. Larry Harmer

  96. Roland Montas

  97. Greg Wetzel

  98. Penny Caldwell

  99. Kurt Johnson

  100. Eric Ford

  101. David Bauer

  102. Phillippe Bornemann

  103. Jakob


  105. Peter Bothe (SV Sabir)

  106. Rob Ellis

  107. Laurence Wagner

  108. Ian and Kathy Tyler

  109. Joel Monteleone

  110. CollePapa DK

  111. Ian Tyler

  112. Satoru Usui

  113. SV Truant

  114. Jeff Matthews

  115. Steve Rademacher

  116. Donald arceneaux

  117. Thomas Marx

  118. Randy and Beth sv PAREM

  119. Mike from SV Gratitude