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The Journey

As one aspect of life snowballs into the next, it is often hard to delineate when one ends and the next begins. I suppose you could say our journey started in college where we met. For more background, read our 'About Us' page. 

Although we have goals, aspirations and a plan for our future, we know these are all just guidelines. For us, it is much more about enjoying the journey than fixating on the destination. We fully understand that tomorrow it could all change and we hope you’ll join us as we grow and develop over the years. 

We make no promises, accept to share our adventures with you and have one hell of a time doing so. Join us on our journey, we’ll find out where we’re going, when we get there. 


Sailing Uma, Sailing the World: Step 1 "Don't Buy a Couch"

Our past experience and education has teased our desires but has fallen drastically short of quenching our thirst for all the world has to offer. 

Following the advice of a friend, we didn't buy a couch. Instead we bought a sailboat. 

This is our story, this is our first step.

See the rest of our STEPS from then until now on Youtube.

Uma Int. After Sharp.jpg



The Story 

They say a journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step. For us, rather than a step, our journey began with a leap. We sold everything we didn’t need, cars, computers, motorcycles, furniture — everything. What we couldn’t sell, we donated and we used the money to buy a sailboat.

The Boat

Our boat “Uma” is a 1972 Pearson 36’. She is neither fancy and expensive, nor cheap and flimsy—to us, she is perfect. We wanted a name that carried with it the motivation and rational that led us to buy her in the first place. Her name was inspired by the Portuguese number 1 (uma), meaning first or primary. She is our first step

The Dream

To us, “Uma” is more than just a number. In life there are many paths to choose. All requiring a first step, a first idea, a first choice to stand on, to guide you on your journey. We hope that our story will stand as inspiration to those wanting to pursue their dreams, to take their first step, to discover their own, Uma. 

This is our journey. This is our first step.


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